Large cabin: from kr. 1280,- pr. day*

Cabin for 4 people: from kr. 980,- pr. day*

Summer cabin: from kr. 680,- pr. day*

Caravan, motorhome, combi camp: from kr. 280,- pr. day (excl. electricity)

- Electricity: kr. 40,- pr. day

Tent: from kr. 200,- pr. day

Other prices during high season winter, please contact us!

Additional services

Cleaning service large cabin: kr. 400,- * NB! Mandatory due Covid-19

Cleaning service summer cabin and 4 person cabin: kr. 250,- * NB! Mandatory due Covid-19

Set of bedlinens and two towels: kr. 110,-

Power comes additionally with kr.1.60,- pr. kWh (gjelder ikke hytter).

Free TV/WiFi

Long term lease

Price per half year: 9355,-

Price per year: 18710,-

Quayage: 1500,- per. year

Download terms and conditions (TBA)

Download rules and regulations (TBA)

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